October 13, 2015

So, last week while looking at another possible flip,  my first home I made an offer on went back on the market. The previous offer fell through due to a fear of foundation issues during a prelim inspection. I have learned a lot about foundations and the biggest thing I have learned - 9 out of 10 times they scare people away and for silly reasons. This instance was a matter of poor drainage causing irregular settling. Grading of dirt and fixing some broken gutters will rectify this issue. I had no fear and this time adjusted my initial offer to be $500 over asking and guess what.... I STILL DIDN'T GET IT! Its a gem of a house - I was told I was super close but a no go. Went with other offer. So, I am back on the streets on the hunt! Hopefully one day I will...

October 7, 2015

I am hoping for this blog to detail my journey as a newbie in the world of home renovations. I hope my beginnings are not indicative of things to come. I made an offer on my first investment home and lost it to someone who paid over asking. It was on MLS for one day when I put the offer in and there were 5 other offers on the table. The market in this small college town seems rather busy and competitive! This Dallas girl (though truly an Arkansas girl) was thinking I would come here and it would be a bit easier. ha!  Keep your fingers crossed that I find another good one! Until then, I will focus full time on accessory design - my other passion! 

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